This web site guides you through the basics of goal setting:

Writing seriously and thoughtfully about your personal and professional goals can help you organize and simplify your future. Constructing a well-defined future can help you decrease anxiety, depression and fear, and make your life in the present more meaningful and satisfying. You are also more likely to attain your desired goals once you write them down.

Writing about goals directly improves mood. People who have the opportunity to write seriously about issues important to them report better mental well-being than others.

Writing about goals directly improves physical health. Individuals who spend time writing in detail about their ideal future visit the doctor less often in the following months than those who write about more trivial topics.

Writing about goals directly improves future performance and achievement. Work groups who set specific, difficult written goals perform better than those who do not set goals or those who are simply told to “do their best.”

Many aspects of our lives are inter-related, in ways that are not obvious. The setting of goals in one domain can therefore lead to better performance in other domains. By taking the time to think through the things you truly wish to do, you will improve your chances of reaching your goals.

This site allows you to focus on your Personal goals and optionally the Business goals set with you and your Manager

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